An Introduction to Periodontal Surgery for Dental Hygienists. (low Band Viewing) large view, Over 700kbps needed to view.

This video was created to enhance dental hygiene education in periodontics by exposing dental hygienists to some of the surgical procedures routinely performed in a periodontal office. The 45-minute video features four areas taken from the Academy’s Master Clinician series, including: Periodontal Flap and Osseous Resective (Pocket Reduction) Surgery; Bone Graft with Guided Tissue Regeneration; Soft Tissue Graft; and Dental Implant Fixture Placement. For each procedure, the rationale, indications/contraindications, post-surgical outcomes, and patient instructions are discussed. Distribution of this video to dental hygiene program directors was made possible by the generous support of the John O. Butler Company.